Canary in a Coal Mine

Canary in a Coal Mine (working title) is a forthcoming Sundance-supported feature documentary and a virtual reality film.

Your donation will help us:

  • finish the feature film
  • develop the virtual reality project, a tool to educate medical providers and expand empathy for disability
  • hire a public relations and strategy team to help the documentary, the VR film, and the TED Talk reach the widest possible audience and have the biggest impact
  • support our audience engagement and outreach team develop relationships with disability organizations, foundations, medical associations, women’s organizations and human rights organizations
  • support our goal of hosting 1000 community screenings around the world


#MEAction is a global grassroots organization fighting for equality for ME. It's home to #MillionsMissing and MEpedia, among other projects.

Your donation will help us:

  • grow a global grassroots movement
  • build out our digital platforms:, and into international sites (multi-lingual and multi-region)
  • support #MillionsMissing demonstrations around the world
  • support legislative outreach and policy research with the goal of achieving political change for ME
  • develop a global, Yelp-style directory of specialists as well as ME-friendly doctors and medical providers
  • develop education tools for patients, medical providers, and the wider community
  • develop MEpedia into the leading and most comprehensive resource for the science and history of ME